Antique Ford Backhoe

An antique Ford backhoe is the perfect piece of equipment if you are intending to do lots of excavating. It's a well built piece of machinery and much cheaper than buying a new backhoe.

Why a Ford backhoe? They say that part of being an American is owning a big truck made by Ford, the supreme and pioneer makers of automobiles.  That is why no matter how old our Ford backhoes, cars, and other machinery may become - they are considered to be antiques. We still care for them and try our best to restore them to their original beauty.

Backhoes are commonly used on construction sites for digging holes and relocating the dirt, debris, etc. They are also used in landscaping for tree potting or creating ponds. A backhoe is a very maneuverable and multipurpose piece of equipment. On a more trivial note, in some communities, you'll also find local backhoe jockeys showing off their backhoe riding and handling skills in competitive arenas.

One of the first things you'll want to do, possibly even before buying an antique Ford backhoe, is to get hold of a manual. These may be hard to find, again depending on the age of the backhoe. Some you will be able to get directly from the Ford company. An excellent online place to look is - antique ford backhoes which has manuals that you can purchase for a small amount. Their site lists a number of different antique Ford backhoes, by model number. Even if you don't see the manual you're looking for on their site, it's worth giving them a call as they may be able to locate one for you.

When looking to buy an antique Ford backhoe, especially if you intend to use it,  keep in mind that depending on its age, replacement antique car body parts may be hard to find. So look for one in the best condition possible - one where it's obvious that the owner has taken care to keep it in good running order. It should start immediately, have working gauges, lights and heater. It should have minimal rust. Be wary if it shows signs of being painted over.

If, however, you are an expert mechanic, have decent restoration abilities, don't mind doing a vehicle overhaul, and are  capable of fabricating some of your own parts, then you will no doubt be able to get a great deal on an antique ford backhoe. You may even find someone to pay you to take it off their hands.

Henry Ford was always fond of saying, “I will build a motorcar for great multitude.”  And even though he was speaking of automobiles, the same attitude carried into every piece of equipment that his company build. Things may be different now but  Ford is still one of the top car companies in the industry and there are many people who are still fascinated with antique Ford cars, backhoes, and anything Ford.  

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