Antique Car Seat Covers

Custom antique car seat covers can not only protect your newly acquired or rebuilt antique car, it can also give it a touch of class and authenticity - much more than an "off the shelf" or universal antique car seat cover. If the cost of a custom antique car seat cover is outside of your price range, you can always invest in a semi-custom car seat cover.

A antique custom seat cover will be tailored for your particular vehicle's make, model, year, and seat style. It will fit the seat snugly with no overhanging ends. Custom seat covers will normally be held in place by zippers, buttons, or velcro.

A custom seat cover will always be more difficult to install than a universal seat cover. Custom antique car seat covers are more expensive as well - you can expect to pay up to twice a much than for a standard car seat cover. But if you are a die hard antique car collector, it's worth the effort. When the time comes to cash in on your antique car investment, you can be sure that the installation of custom antique car seat covers will impress any potential buyer with your attention to detail.

If you are treating your antique car as an investment:

Antique car seat covers are essential if you want to keep your antique car in mint condition. And a car in mint condition will always sell for more than an automobile with scratches, worn upholstery, components that don't work, and so on.

Antique car seat covers are made with a variety of different materials - leather, vinyl, tweed, naugahyde, plastic, cotton, velour, and many more. When acquiring car seat covers for antique cars,  its best to stick with materials and fabrics that were used when the car rolled off the assembly line. It just adds to the authenticity and value.

Something to think about is buying two sets of antique car seat covers. One that is custom made which can be placed on the car seats for showcasing it to potential buyers. And a second set of non-custom car seat covers chosen for the ease of installation and removal. The main purpose of car seat covers is to protect the seats from beverage spills, body sweat stains, dog marks - and to protect the car seats against fading and wear. But they also have to be kept clean and you are more apt to keep them clean if they can be removed easily and washed on a regular basis.

You will always have more than one choice in buying custom antique car seat covers. Look for seat covers that emphasize and highlight the other interior features of the car.

Though they may be hard to find, there are antique car seat covers that will be acceptable to your budget no matter your taste. And with the help of the Internet, they can be easier than ever to find. For the extra protection that they give, antique car seat covers can repay your initial investment many times over.

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