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Antique car prices are important whether your're a buyer or seller. If you're buying an antique car, you want to get a good deal an not over pay. If you're selling an antique car, you want to be sure that you get it's full value. Either way you have to make an effort to keep up with antique car prices.

One way to determine the price of an antique car is to higher a professional antique car appraiser. You don't want one that just dabbles in appraisal. You want one that keeps abreast of the market and possibly even buys and sells cars himself. Of course, finding a good, trustworthy appraiser is not easy. One good way is to join Internet discussion groups that are dedicated to all things antique car related - including prices.

A quick way of getting the lay of the land in determining antique car prices is to take a visit to eBay. Millions of cars are sold on eBay each year, a fair amount of them are antique or classic cars. You don't want to look at the bid price on open auctions. You want to look at the final bid price on closed auctions. Many times this will give you a great ballpark figure as to what the car is worth. Also, note how many people bid on the automobile. This gives you an indication of the popularity of the antique car model that you're interested in.

Another excellent source for finding antique car prices is The Gold Book. The Gold Book was established in 1968 and is the oldest continuously published authority on collector car values. Gold Book's database of collector car auction results and verified private transactions is the largest in the world. Its editors and auction reporters attend or monitor over 100 collector car auctions and private-owner sales venues in the U.S. and Western Europe each year. This is a great resource used by hundreds of collectors.

There are many lenders who specialize in antique car financing. These lenders are usually a good source for finding the true price value of an antique car because, if they loan you money,  they have a stake in making sure that the equity in the car will pay for your loan if you default. As a result they are specialists in antique vehicle value pricing. They are probably one of the best little known resources available if you are having a hard time finding the price of a particular antique car.

Antique Car Price Trends

Many antique car collectors are also investors and are naturally interested in antique car prices and trends. However, what happens in the past is no guarantee of the future. Trying to anticipate what antique car prices will be in the future is a gamble because the market fluctuates so widely over time.

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