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Helped by the high profile celebrity antique car collector such as Jay Leno, the ranks of antique car collectors grows more and more each year.

With many more older models on the market, antique cars are now more than ever being collected. Antique car collectors learn their hobby over years and years of research and browsing, even attending a half dozen or more antique car shows each year. However, some basic information is available to help anyone begin the lifelong passion of collecting antique automobiles.

Display and Drivable Cars

Some antique car collectors drive their cars everywhere while others have theirs for display purposes only. Display cars often have the benefit of needing less maintenance to keep their classic feel and pristine condition. When driven, antique cars require more money for such services as paint and wax jobs, engine work, and inspections, and generally these cars lack modern safety features such as airbags and anti-lock brakes.

Because there are so many different styles and brands, any antique car collector should get a broad knowledge of all the different available models. Antique cars are expensive investments, and any pending purchase should firstly please the buyer. This information can be obtained in several ways. Perhaps the best way is to visit automobile shows. Many cities (even large towns) hold auto shows each year, so if possible to schedule a free weekend, these shows would allow any collector to view other cars. Also, several magazines showcase some of the best antique cars, and the Internet is home to literally millions of articles and reviews.

Antique car collectors know that antique cars in general are very expensive investments, but there are several ways to cut these costs and make collecting cars an even more enjoyable experience. Many cars are simply left to rust away in lawns or in junkyards. These cars can often be bought at a real bargain for even a few dollars. However, the cheaper these cars are usually indicates what shape they come in. Therefore, several decisions must be made concerning the usability of the cars. Will they be driven? Do they need a new engine? What use will they have on a daily basis?

The antique car collector can bring a whole new life to an old beat up classic car with just a few simple operations. With a little body work to remove rust and replace irreparable damage and maybe a set of custom seat covers to help with the interior, an antique car gains new life. A  brand new paint job (the most noticeable and appreciable work), costing somewhere in the range of $1000 or so can give it even more life. With an interest in automobiles and a modest income, antique cars can be the lifelong hobby of antique car collectors.

Finding the Right Antique Classic Car Part For Your Auto
In the best case scenario, you won't have to find an antique classic car part for your auto. You'll simply be able to find a specialist that works in your type of car and have him fix or repair it.

Antique Ford Car Parts
You may have a hard time finding antique ford car parts online. You may also have trouble finding other antique car parts online.

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