Antique Car Appraisal - Types Of

When you ask the question - "how much is my antique car worth?", be aware that an antique car appraisal may fall into one of several categories depending on the reason the buyer is buying the car. A car bought for parts would appraise differently than a car bought to restore. Here are the various types of antique car appraisals you are likely to run across.

Parts Car - this means that the car is only to be used for individual car parts. The car itself has no value except for the individual parts that can be taken from it and used in other cars. Antique car appraisal of a parts car could seem a bit of a waste to some collectors but the people who do the antique car appraisal know their standards. The car might not be a candidate for an all out restoration therefore they will not waste other people's time and money by declaring it usable except for parts.

Restorable - means the car in question has potential to be restored. The car model and make must still be recognizable to warrant this antique car appraisal rating. It may also need a complete body, chassis and interior restoration if it is appraised in this condition. Most likely the engine will also need some attention so with the exterior but not to the point that you restore more than a third of the body, chassis or interior.

Good - this antique car appraisal means that the automobile may need just a little tweaking to make it functional. The quality of restoration of the automobile may also affect the antique car appraisal. If it is functional yet the quality of restoration is poorly, then the price will still not go up despite its good running condition. The antique car appraisal should always include the quality of the restoration.

A Very Good antique car appraisal could mean that the automobile is functional and the amateur restoration is passable. The restoration might be rated as older or worn out to some extent but not as bad as expected. A Very Good antique car appraisal might be considered presentable and serviceable in the interior and exterior.

Fine - is the antique car appraisal that means the automobile is restored very well and its original parts are well maintained to the point that they are in good working order.

The Excellent antique car appraisal means that the car in question has been restored to excellent professional standards and could possibly be a show car that is not driven or worn out but maintained for aesthetic purposes.

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