Why You Need An Antique Car Appraisal

Some people balk at the idea of having an antique car appraisal performed for their car, but there are many reasons why it is a good idea.

If you are planning on financing an antique car, then you are going to require an antique car appraisal performed. This is because no private financer of antique car loans will issue a loan in a specific dollar amount without making sure that the proper value of the car has been determined. If the lender ends up lending you money at a dollar figure 30% over the car is really worth, then a disaster could ensue for all parties involved. As such, the need to request the services of an antique car appraisal service will be required.

In addition, there is also the matter of insurance. You really can not properly insure a car that you are not entirely positive of the value. Also, there is the formerly mentioned problem that an improper antique car appraisal can bring about. If you have under-appraised the car and have a policy judged on only a fraction of what the car is worth, then what is the policy truly worth? The answer: it's only worth about a fraction of what you really require! That means the remainder of the loss is coming out of your pocket! Needless to say, the necessity to acquire an adequate and comprehensive antique car appraisal is of paramount importance.

How to Select an Experienced Antique Car Appraisal Service

Often, then lender will recommend an appraisal service or have their own appraiser perform and appraisal on their behalf. However, it is always recommended that you have your own appraisal performed as well. When it comes to an antique car appraisal – or any appraisal service for that matter – it is important to make sure that the individual who is performing the appraisal has significant experience in the field of appraising.

This does not mean that one who is operating a relatively new appraisal service will be without merits nor does it mean that because an appraiser has been in business for many years that he or she will be unproblematic. What it means is that before one contracts the services of an appraiser, one needs to establish that the person has the proper experience and credibility required to properly perform the duties and functions of the job.

In short, do not select an appraiser based on a mere cursory evaluation of the appraiser's advertisements. Perform a little due diligence and check into all appropriate background experience. From this, a number of problems will be avoided.

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